SFX Makeup Animation title screen

Design: Animation SFX

Something that many people don't know about me when we first meet is that I am a super nerd for SFX makeup. When we were given the opportunity to make a simple informational animation on a topic of our choosing, I knew exactly what I was going to make.

The illustration for the piece is simple and straight forward as SFX makeup can come off as complicated or intimidating. Especially because of the gruesome imagery it can make.

The animation takes you through the histroy of SFX makeup and how it got started. It also shows the progression and gives the viewer an inside look at what the future could mean for traditional artists in this field.

The animation is simple and easy to view that helps give the view and understanding of what SFX makeup is and the power it has on the media we see today.

Close up on godzilla animation scene Close up on Wizard of Oz animation scene
Close up on Final monologue scene