W6 Annual Report in mockup

Design: W6 Annual Report

One of the biggest project of our second year in college was the annual report. Not only did we learn how to mass type set a project, but how to make it accessible as well as beautiful. It was both the most challenging and fun project that we had to make, and found it vital for our education.

The annual report was based off of a fake architecture company called "W6 Architecture". The idea behind the book came from the company's moto of always thinking about the people in and outside of their company. This inspired the large format that would relate back to a family picture book, as well as a red string of fate that connected all of the people with the buildings they make.

The string flowed around the pages, weaving in and out of the photos. This always gave directional flow to the book that helps guide the reader along.

The back cover of the book shows the end of the string, as it is waiting to continue on its next journey. This completes the family and adventure feel that went throughout the book.

Close up of W6 annual report table of contents Close up of W6 annual report cover text
Close up of w6 annual report pull quote