Endangered Colours mockup

Design: Endangered Colours

My Endangered Colours Card set was inspired by a series of illustrations I did in the past where I took a coloured background and create an illustration based on the colour. This later transformed into what is now called endangered colours.

These card packs come in sets of warm, cool, and green colour schemes that relate to the endangered species. These species are showcased on the colour background in a simple and geometric way that brings out the colour palette.

The goal behind these cards are meant to bring awareness to the species on them. They do this by being empty cards that can be used for any ocassion or be displayed in a frame for around the house.

When making the cards a phrase was created, "With each new species fading away, we lose a piece of our beautiful rainbow that makes this earth so incredible". This little quote is written on the back of the cards to let the user know that they helped spread awareness to the cause, as some of the proceeds are donated to WWF.

close up on endangered colours elephant print Close up on Endangered Colours Wild dog print
Close up on Endangered Colours Black footed ferret print