Feature Spread Mockup

Design: Feature Spread

A feature spread needs to grab the attention of the reader then moment they open to the page. With this project we were tasked to do just that for an article of our choosing.

The article was about how we as humans can change our opinion on a topic or item very quickly, and that gives designers a hard time when they are working on a project.

Both the images and colour scheme work together to directly tell the audicence the emotions that may come and go. This includes happiness and confusion. The photos are offset to give it movement, and give the feeling of a shift, similar to a shift in someone's mood or opinon.

The overall feel is dynamtic but structured, dramatic but approachable. These opposing feelings help represent the article before you even read it, giving the audience an interesting visual.

Close up of full Feature spread Close up of second page of Feature Spread
Close up of type on Feature spread page