M.A.D. Zine mockup

Design: M.A.D. Zine

One of the big projects we had in our Editorial class was to create a print piece based off of a topic of our choosing that would later relate to a digital piece. For my topic I decided to go with Vertigo, a misunderstood word and diagnosis.

Vertigo is commonly thought as the fear of heights when in relatity the feeling of dizziness can come at any moment and for a number of reasons other than heights.

The name "New Spin" came from the spinning feeling that is associated with vertigo, as well as the new spin or look the audience will get from reading the inforamtion book.

The book is filled with dramatic photographs that showcases the feeling of dizziness in a visual format. This, as well as the content inside, help the audience get a deeper understanding of what vertigo is in a clean and interesting way.

 Close up on M.A.D. Zine's type treatment Close up on M.A.D. Zine's Front cover logo
Close up on M.A.D. Zine's Image