Nabi Bike App mockup on phone

Design: Nabi - Bike App

Nabi is a biking app created by my group and I to help both novice and pro bikers navigate the confusing bike paths of Winnipeg. Not only is it an navigation app but it also provides the weather (which is tailored to biking), as well as an information centre on biking rules and regulations.

My job for this project was to create the name, branding and icons for the app. The app was a group project, so there was a lot of communication when it came to decisions throughout the project. The name Nabi came from the combination of the words "navigation" and "biking".

The app aims to help its user seamlessly navigate the busy streets of Winnipeg in both a timely and safe manner. It does this by creating customized routes that tell you what kind of street you are on as well as its conditions.

The colour palette was chosen to create a mellow feel as well as seperate it from its competitors. Ths overall feel of the app was meant to be welcoming and calming as biking in Winnipeg can be stressful.

Close up of Nabi's weather icons Close up of Nabi's Logo
Close up of Nabi's map