Print Sale Poster mockup

Design: Print Sale Poster

One of my favorite designs I have created is the print sale promotional poster that was meant to bring in people to buy our illustrated prints. We were tasked to create a slogan / saying and use imagery to convey the theme of the illustrations we were making.

The posters we were selling were based off of quotes, famous quotes to be exact. The content of the poster is inspired by the vocalness that these famous people had, how they were able to spread the word to millons of people.

"Spread the word" was the main sloagan the imagery was based upon, and what better way to gets someone's attention than screaming it into a microphone. To aid the intensity of the imagery, a dark colour palette was chosen.

The flat colours and style was based off of russian constructivsm, and used red as a highlight colour to emphisize certain areas. This colour palette also went well with the already exsisting colours of the college.

Close up on print sale side type treatment Close up on print sale title type treatment
Close up on print sale poster imagery