Each project is made with a high attention to detail and consideration. These products show both my range and the ability I have as a designer. These are my stepping stones to what I can become, and where I want to grow. With my passion for design, I want to make the world a more beautiful and functional place so that we all can get the best out of life.

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These projects show the technical skills that I have acquired from this program, from typesetting to concept creation, that is consistent amongst multiple expressions such as posters to zines.

With each new project I learn something new that can help me better my skills and understanding in the next projects to come.

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Illustration is a skill of mine that I enjoy incorporating into many of my projects as it can be an element that helps express the concept more clearly or bring interest into the overall piece.

I enjoy exploring both digital and physical mediums to express not only the projects I work on, but a way to express myself as a creative.