Sport Calendar mockup

Design: Sport Calendar

When you think of a designer, you don't usually think of a sporty person. But thankfully, I have had many years of experience with sports and found this assignment very intriguing.

The task was to create a gift that would be given to sponsors that would be displayed around the office or home. To fit the criteria of the project a calendar format was chosen to create both a visually interesting and useful piece.

The visuals are of people in a variety of sports that range from individual to team, and even winter to summer. The pieces showcase the dynamic movements these athletes do, as well as the zone that helps them concentrate.

The background is a blurred colour that moves with the direction of the player. The complex imagery paired with a simple type treatment that uses similar colours create a unified gift that would look great on someone's wall.

Close up on sport calendar imagery Close up on sport calendar type treatment
Close up on sport calendar overall layout